I saw this article posted a few places. Fat but fit is a big fat myth It made me want to write this.

I’m fat and relatively fit, never for a second have I thought I am healthy. The extra weight means that I am not as efficient or as fast as I could be as a runner. It also means I am far more likely to suffer any number of health issues. Got it, and by the way, so do 99.999% of all other fat people. Too bad knowledge is not all it takes to change behavior.

The discipline to get out for a run/walk, excel in my career, finish a book, keep my home clean, be a good partner, father, and friend is all there….. but fails me when it comes to appropriate eating. So fucking what. I’m fat and that brings risks. It also means I have to find races with generous cut-off times. I’m fat but I am going to keep trying to not be as much so. That is all I can do. It is an every day, up and down journey for the rest of my life.

Fellow fatties, may we keep on trying, while not deluding ourselves that we are healthy.