Day 36 of my keto streak finds me well and as motivated as ever. A couple weeks ago I had a rough weekend. I wanted sugar. I wanted the

Chic-fil-a fat man meal

At peak binge mode this meal would make me happy for about 15 minutes, but I would just want it again in a couple hours:

Spicy chicken sandwich, large fries, 12 piece nugget, 3 polynesian sauces, large vanilla shake, large lemonade with at least a couple refills.

I did not cave, but it got me thinking ahead. Cheating, life-into-living, or whatever you call it….. I know that at some point I am going to have some carbs again. I want to believe there is a way I can enjoy the occasional treat and not end back up over 300 pounds.


One high carb treat will kick you out of nutritional ketosis. It takes at least 3 days to get back into it. That one treat also spawns manic brain activity to binge. Are the risks worth the pleasure? For me the answer is yes.

The digital tools I used in the past to limit forays into gluttony have been ineffective. Streaks and counters on my phone just don’t motivate me. Even though I am a software developer they are not real enough in the heat of the moment.

So I made a shrine. I look at it everyday. The rocks represent my cheat days(blue) and meals(white). I have a shrine reset date and mantra for the season. I am confident that if I limit myself to just these deviations from my keto lifestyle, my goals are reachable.

To truly get fat adapted, I am not using any until I have completed 90 days straight. Many sources encourage this type of strictness and I think it will serve me well.

This tool is helping me look forward to a special trip with my wife knowing I will have earned a day to not worry about what I am eating.